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Price: 1490,00 €
Reference: 1603300

I can also make YOUR custom electric guitar. Wide choice of microphone, mechanics, colors, hardware ... and even the shape you've drawn! Imagine, a unique guitar, in the configuration you dream of, with your favorite microphones and a shape just to you!  No more hesitation, contact me for a quote.

From $890


- 22 frets
- Diapason 648 mm
- Full body, petrol of your choice
- Body/sleeve fixation targeted Vosgesnote style, inserts at metric step
- Vosgien maple handle with double action trusrod radius 10 inches

Variations and customizations:
- Right-handed or left-handed
- Fir or other body, bespoke or standard shape. Finish of your choice: varnish, painted, glitter...
- Walnut or other key. Centered or side-sided inlays
- Bone or other nut
- Frets in hidden or visible feet, frets of your choice
- Mechanics to choose from: Gotoh, Wilkinson, Grover, Kluson, Schaller...
- Classic vibrato horse, on kneecaps, fixed, floyd ...
- Microphone configuration of your choice: SSS, SHS; S-S, HH, etc. SP-Custom, GnB, Tornado, Van-Zandt.....
- Custom steering electronics: volume, selector, tone...
- Pickguard colour of your choice
- Colour fittings of your choice

How do I do that?

All I have to do is reach me by phone to cut the project, and then I'll give you a first quote that serves as a basis for work. We refine the project until we get the perfect guitar! The order is finalized with a down payment of about 30%. The manufacturing time is about 3 to 4 months depending on the specifications.

Eric on 06 18 90 42 38 or by enamel

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