Repairs and maintenance

Change of strings and adjustments

The change of the strings of a guitar directly to the workshop is accompanied by a complete adjustment (action, intonation, curvature). Maintenance on classical, acoustic and electric guitar. All the strings on the market available.

Dam repair

Complete disassembly of the classical or acoustic guitar body for dam repair. Reinforcement of eclisses

Refrettage and or planning

When the frets are worn out, all that remains is the re-re-erttage to be done. Planning is usually planned. Wide choice of frets.

Electronic repair

The electronics of an electric guitar is very stressed, the selector uses, the jack plug oxidizes, a microphone HS ... In short, maintenance is required on a regular basis. Take the opportunity to request full armour, this significantly improves the gain, and the mitigation of background noise.

Head repair

A head that breaks, it happens.... But luckily, your luthier happens most of the time to do it again!

Modification Flyod Rose

Is your Flyod Rose making you miserable? One solution is to turn it into a vibrato. Simple and efficient, you gain reliability.

Micro installation on classical guitar

Une guitare classique ou acoustique peut être transformée en électro-classique ou électro-acoustique. Installation des micros sous le sillet et celui de caisse, du pré-ampli et du jack sur l’éclisse.

Full update

A guitar can be at the end of its life... Or not! I study all repairs and modifications.

Here, a completely split body. It is then best to redo another body and reassemble all the other parts. Spectacular youthful shot and we keep the microphones and the handle of origin, which remains the soul of the guitar.

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